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    Server: Radiant Bertica(#6)
    Guild Name: Mankind
    Guild Tag: MKD
    Original Founder: Hoxgen
    Leader (For Iron Throne) : Henos

    - [MKD]Mankind is a guild that is going to rise up to the guild rankings by doing what we do best. We strive and thrive to victory and also to be the best guild there. Hoxgen is the original Founder while he made me co-leader (For Iron Throne Mobile) and i wanna make Hoxgen's guild be known. Hoxgen is running the Gardius Empire Mankind Guild while i am running the Iron Throne Mankind Guild. Our guild in Iron Throne Mobile is new and active. However we do accept english speakers and foreign speakers that do not speak english. If you wanna be on the top, then [MKD]Mankind is the place for you.

    - Must be active in both Discord and in-game

    Discord Link (For the Guild) :

    Join today and lets rise to the top together. Also, we treat each other as a family because we always help each other.
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