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  • DNB ( DrunkNBunny ) K19 now reqruiting

    We are now reqruiting members from KINGDOM 19 !
    All you need is 50+ mil power, be active ofcourse and basic skills of teamplay ! You scared because you are a new player ? No worries we help eachother with experience in the game and every other matter !

    We burn and get burned so if you can't take a hit for the team don' even bother applying !

    If you are seaeching for active wars... well you came to the right place ! We have several active wars so you wont die of boredom !

    No farmville, leachers or fowl language is tolerated here if you are such a player don't bother again, or you get kicked and zeroed instantly !

    For approval first contact me here or in the game towards any R4 member or the Leader ( IGN : HellsBunny )