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  • 7/11 Patch Notice [Updated 7/12]

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    Greetings, Descendants!

    We’re happy to review the latest changes and improvements made in Iron Throne’s recent update! Please read below for some of the key changes and additions made in our latest update.

    Maintenance Schedule:
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    ■ Newly Added Heroes: Lauren, Revenant, Shaheen
    ■ Increased Hero slots from 12 to 16 slots.
    • Slot expansion requirements from VIP and Citadel Level have been removed.
    • Removed the “Dismiss” Option from the Hero Menu.

    ■ New Types of Hero Auras
    • In addition to Normal Auras, Power and Dark Auras have been added to increase and decrease Troop stats.

    ■ Level expansion
    • Max Alliance Research level increased from 10 to 15.
    • Max Lord level increased to 80.
    • Max Hero level increased to 60.

    ■ Alliance Deathmatch
    • Rules are identical to Team Deathmatch
      • 20 vs 20 death match with two opposing Alliances from various Kingdoms.
    • Team Composition
      • Matchmaking requests are made by a whole Alliance per side.
      • If the 20-player slots are all filled, any remaining players after the initial 20 will proceed to individual (normal) Team Deathmatch.
    • Matchmaking/Enlisting
      • All enlisted Alliances are ordered based on overall Power, then split to be paired against one another, starting from the strongest to weakest.
      • Utilizes the same schedule as Team Deathmatch.
      • Alliance Deathmatch Enlistment is open for 30 minutes.
      • Once all participating Alliances have made their requests, they are sorted together by Alliance Power.
    • New Inferno Point event “World Inferno” has been added.

    ■ Sanctuary War
    • Rules
      • Takes place at a specified time every day in intervals of 12 hours (1:00 pm to 1:00 am PDT) and provides rewards to occupying Alliances.
      • Rules are identical to Artifact Sanctuary battles. However, duration of the Sanctuary War, rewards, and reward requirements have been changed.
      • 1 Sanctuary War will be active at in a single given time each day from Tuesdays – Sundays (excludes Mondays).
      • Sanctuary War will not be active during Capital War.
    • Rewards
      • Rewards are given to Players that have more than 1 Troop occupying the Sanctuary when the war ends.
      • Rewards will be distributed as followed: Alliance Leader (50K Gold), Member (5K Gold)
    • Schedule
      • First Sanctuary War starts at 01:00 PM (PDT)
      • Second Sanctuary War starts at 01:00 AM (PDT)
    1. Diadem Sanctuary (Tue)
    2. Aegis Sanctuary (Wed)
    3. Staff Sanctuary (Thu)
    4. Chalice Sanctuary (Fri)
    5. Scripture Sanctuary (Sat)
    6. Blade Sanctuary (Sun)

    ■ The Dark Lord Set equipment has been added
    • Default Stats:
      • Increases the Attack, Defense, and HP of all Troop types.
      • Troops Stat increases are 1.2 times stronger than the Conqueror Set
      • Enemy Tier 1 Troop Debuff
      • Increases Troop March Speed
    • Set bonus Stats
      • Increases the Attack, Defense, and HP of all Troop types
      • Set bonus is x2 greater than the Conqueror set
      • Immortal Set bonus is x1.2 greater than the Conqueror set

    ■ Newly added War Items
    • PLUS 75% Troop Defense Boost (30 Minutes)
    • PLUS 75% Troop Attack Boost (30 Minutes)
    • PLUS 75% Troop HP Boost (30 Minutes)
    • MINUS 75% to Enemy Defense (30 Minutes)
    • MINUS 75% to Enemy Attack (30 Minutes)
    • MINUS 75% to Enemy Troop HP (30 Minutes)

    ■ New Added Battle Runes and Aura Stats
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    ■ Daily Free Package has been added
    • Free Package will be located at the top of the Shop’s “Recommended” tab every day.
    • Package will be marked as “free” when claimed by the player and will reappear after the daily reset (12: 00 AM PDT).
    • This Package will provide 100 Loyalty Points daily.
    • Items available in the Free Package subject to change.
    • A receipt will be delivered to the player's Mail after claiming the package.

    Balance Adjustments:

    ■ Capital War
    • Winning conditions for conquering both the Capital and Sanctuary War have been changed to the following requirements
    1. Win the Capital War or Sanctuary War battle.
    2. Have the most remaining Power to conquer the target.
    • New Capital War rewards added
      • x100 Megaphones provided to the new King at the end of the Capital War
    • Rule Changes
      • Alliances can only conquer 1 out of the 6 total sanctuaries as well as the capital.
      • Each individual player can only deploy troops to a single Sanctuary
      • Permission to appoint a Guard Captain to the Capital has been expanded to R4 Alliance members.
      • Damage to the sanctuary applies from the highest tier troops first.
      • Players can use Peace Shields around the Capital territory and the surrounding forests.
    • Reward Changes
      • The reward for conquering a Sanctuary during Capital War has changed from 100% Capital Attack Buff to Sanctuary AI Troop Deployment on the Capital.
    • Sanctuary AI Troop Deployment
      • Once the Sanctuary is taken over, AI troops will deploy and will start to attack the Capital immediately. (Players can’t control the troop deployment)
      • Time between AI deployment and actual attack is within seconds.
      • AI Troops will continue to attack every few minutes if the occupying Alliance in the Capital is non-friendly.
      • AI Troops will not attack the Capital if the players’ Alliance is friendly with the current conquering Alliance, or if the players’ Alliance currently owns the Capital, or there is no one currently conquering the Capital.
      • 1% of the Total HP of all Troops occupying the Capital, is converted to AI Troop Attack; calculation includes any HP Buffs applied to the occupying Troops.
      • Troop Defense is set to 0 for damage calculation.
      • Damage calculations applies to highest Tier Troops first.
    • Sanctuary Troop Battle Results
      • Battle Result message titled “Sanctuary Magic Damage” will not include Acquired Resources, Troop Buffs, or Faceoff information; it will only show the defender information.
      • A 1% fixed death rate will be applied to Troops camped within the Capital (Highest Tier Troops will die first).
    • Sanctuary Conquer Time
      • Every time a new player takes over the Sanctuary, the conquer time is reset.

    ■ Team Deathmatch
    • Request time for enlisting has been increased from 5 min to 10 mins.
      • New time applies for Battle Royale as well.
    • The 2nd Raid appearance has changed to occur 15 minutes after the match starts.
    • Reduced March Time
    • March Time has been reduced from 30 min to 20 mins.
    • All Buffs relating to March Speed have been adjusted to accommodate the new match time:
    1. The 1st March Speed buff has changed to apply 5 minutes after the start.
    2. The 2nd March Speed buff has changed to apply 15 minutes after the start.

    ■ Monster Hunt
    • Added new Lv.30 Elite Monster (Cerberus) to the World map.
    • New equipment <Dark Lord Set> material chest drops when you hunt Cerberus

    ■ Chaotic Strongholds
    • Rune Rewards are now available after conquering a Chaotic Stronghold.

    ■ Daily Revive
    • 3-Hour Peace Shield will be applied after Troops have been zeroed in Castle.
    • Removed the instant 3-Hour Peace Shield notification.

    ■ Alliance
    • Added an area of effect for Alliance Castles: Defense Effect
    • When you are under attack in the Alliance area, you will get extra bonus (Attack, Defense, and HP) on your defense troops.
    • Alliance Defense Structures
      • Adjusted the Durability Reduction rate of Alliance Buildings when being attacked. Durability reduces quicker with higher Capacity.
      • Adjusted the Arrow Tower Battles

    ■ World Battle
    • Rally Attack
      • A March line will now be displayed when the Castle that started a Rally Attack and the enemy target.
      • A Troop Support Shortcut will appear above Castles that start a Rally Attack.

    ■ Raids
    • Hunter’s Mark can now be Crafted, Upgraded, and Enhanced in the Forge.
    • Added Chaotic Stronghold-related stats to Relic Equipment
      • I.e. Chaotic Stronghold March Speed and Damage increase.

    ■ Temple
    • Lord AP is now an available Wish option.
    • Lord AP and Speed-up items have been moved to the top of the Wishlist.

    ■ Equipment
    • Once all Equipped Set Equipment reaches the required Enhancement Lv, there is additional Set Bonus.
    • Equipment Enhancement Bonus Effect improved: Effects changed for Enhancement Level 5, 10, and 15
    • Added Set Bonus Buffs for Enhancement Lv. +5,+10,+15
    • Added a function that allows players to view Stats per Enhancement Level in the Equipment Set Codex.
    • Added display of available Silver when selling Equipment in the Sell pop up screen.
    • Added a Material filter function in the Material Combine/Dismantle UI.
    • Assigned Power values to Equipment
    • Improved Hunter’s Mark Equipment
      • Monster Hunt March Speed and Monster Hunt Attack stats have been added.
    • Improved Chaotic Wright Equipment
      • Dimensional Battle stats have been improved.
      • Chaotic Wright Equipment can now be Enhanced.
      • Increased Hero-related stat gains from Berserker Equipment.

    ■ UI Improvements
    • The default value for using Hero EXP and Troop items have been changed to max.
    • Currency possessed in the Merchant and Temple is now displayed.
    • If players do not have enough Resources for tasks like Training Troops, Research, Alliance Structures, and Reviving, tapping the “+” button will automatically select the amount of required resources by default.

    ■ VIP
    • The “Claim All” resources option will be available by default after reaching VIP 5, regardless if VIP is active or not.

    Additional Improvements:
    • x14 New Lord Portraits have been added to the game.
    • Changed the “Divine Protection” icon
    • 20 Member Alliance Check-in Event has been added.
    • Alliance Wyvern donation amount has increased and Traits have been improved.
    • Tapping on the Hero’s image in a Hero’s Package detail will display the Hero’s details.
    • Added “Hero Execution” animation.
      • The Dragon will drop the enemy Hero into the Altar pit when executing a Hero.
    • King Megaphone color and exclusive Chat color provided as Reward for Capital War Domination.
    • Chat
      • System messages no longer appear in the ‘R4 and above’ Chat.
      • Notification for acquiring a complete Equipment Item from the World Map will no longer appear.
    • Mail
      • Improved mail so that tapping an icon in the list of Items in a Rewards message in the Mail displays a description pop up.
    • Improved the “Set Troops” screen that displays for Rally Attacks and Troop Support
      • Changed so that a Hero is not selected by default (this excludes Rally Attacks targeting the Capital/Sanctuaries)
    • Town Mode
      • Increased Lauren’s movement speed for when progressing through Daily Quests in Town Mode.
    • Push Notifications
      • Tidying Push Notifications: deleted unimportant messages
      • Added a Push Notification for players when they are Scouted and have a Scout Prevention Item activated.
      • Push notifications will be send to R4 or above rank members regarding Capital or Sanctuaries being Scouted.
    • Revive Points Recharge Update [Updated 7/12]
      • Existing Revive Points Recharge: Revive Points Recharge amount is based on the Citadel Level of the Lord.
      • Updated Revive Points Recharge: Revive Points Recharge amount is fixed to 500,000 Points for each level. (Maximum of 2,000,000 Points for a 4-Day Recharge)

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Login issue so players can now log in to the same account on multiple devices and have account data maintained.
    • Fixed an issue so that Users can login to the same account on multiple devices and have the account data maintained.

    -CM Maria
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    Why remove the "Dismiss" feature in the hero improvement? What if we don't like the hero we are given? Please reconsider this on the next update.


    • #3

      2 questions

      #1. Are the new heroes free to obtain or only available via money purchase?
      #2 Is the new gear only available when attacking lv 30 monsters or can F2P players also obtain this gear?
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      Iron Throne F2P

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        When will you guys Add Troops preset and 30+ Defiled strongholds?


        • #5

          Same question as above, how will the new characters be unlocked? Pay to win?


          • #6

            Good, good, good

            Please correct in the next update the failure of the automatic message function when a new member joins the alliance. The message is not currently being automatically displayed in the alliance chat or sent to the new member.