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  • 8/10 Known Issues Notice

    Greetings, Descendants.

    We have to share this news with you Lords regarding a known issue that is found after the August 8th update. Please see below for details:

    Known Issues:

    1. When applying an Aura after setting troops in the Set Troops screen, chosen troop type (i.e Cavalry Troops) reverts back to Auto-Select.
    • Example: Choosing “Cavalry Troops” and then equipping an Aura reverts the selection to “Auto-Select Troops”.
    *Note: Please be mindful when sending troops to make sure that selected troops are chosen properly.

    We are currently investigating this issue and rest assured that we will resolve this as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank you.
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    That seems like a problem. I'd be more concerned with how it seems auras have no impact at all even at the highest level. Guess I am weird like that.