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  • Day 1 of Continent Domination is Upon Us!

    Greetings, Descendants.

    The battle for the continent between 24 powerful Empires is upon us!
    The first Continent Domination takes place on the following date:
    9/13 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (PDT)

    Continent Domination is a large-scale war over territories taking place every 4 weeks with PVP battles lasting 3 days.
    Please note that since this is the first one, we have also allowed Alliances that have previously forfeited the entry to join the battle.
    But if you are NOT a member of top 24 Alliances, or if you are not part of an Alliance, you need to enlist to participate, and you have to enlist before the start of the Domination!

    This change is only pertinent for Day 1, and you will not be allowed to participate if you forfeit your entry from Day 2 on.

    Go forth and conquer!
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    First let me say good work on this domination it is very fun second I want to tell you that I am tired of you catering to the extremely high pay to win players and that you really messed up domination by forcing users to use their own teleports their own speedups their own gold effectively wasting everything they have while a huge Spender comes through and steamrolls everything anyway. the game is no longer fun I will not spend $1,000 a month to play and still be crushed into dust. You have effectively gotten to greedy every update widening the power Gap between The Big Spenders and the medium spenders and the free to play you ruined the game for any one who spends less than a thousand a month.


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      This is a great and fun idea but the costs are way to high for this event. A lot of people spent anywhere from 500-150k gold on this event just using teleports and speed ups because they are needed and half didn’t even know it was coming out of there own items and not given like in arena death match. You need to fix this and reimburse everyone for gold spent on this event as it was an obvious money grab.