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  • Training and Monster Drop Event!

    Greetings, Descendants!

    The Citadel's Event Center will have two new Events: a Training Event and a new schedule for the ongoing Monster Drop Event!

    Participate in the Training Event to increase your power and receive rewards! Also, make sure to obtain rewards based on your Gathered Resources and Monster Hunt!

    Refer to the information below for more details:

    ■ Training and Monster Drop Events
    1. Training Event

      Event Period: October 4, 12:00 AM - October 18, 11:59 PM (PDT)
      Event Details: Train powerful troops to increase your Lord’s Power and receive various rewards!

    2. Monster Drop Event

      Event Period: October 4, 12:00 AM - October 11, 11:59 PM (PDT)

      Event Details: A new Monster Drop Event will be added to the Event Center for a limited time. New rewards include Destroyer Material Chests, Research Speed Up, and Revival Herbs!

    Gather your strongest and build the most powerful Kingdom in all the lands! Go forth, Descendants!
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