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  • 3.0.1 Update Notice

    Greetings, Descendants!

    The following items have been added and adjusted within the 3.0.1 update to better improve your Iron Throne gaming experience.

    Iron Throne Update Notice Details

    ■ Continent Domination Improvements

    The following changes will be implemented to improve Continent Domination:
    • Adjusted War Participation item's initial purchase cost to 1,000 Gold. (Purchase cost increases for every succeeding purchase.)
    • Purchasing Declaration of War is now limited to 1.
    • Improved chat display for Alliances (R4 and below) participating in Continent Domination.
    • Fixed an issue where checking a City under Declaration of War shows its status in the minimap.
    • Fixed an issue where “Attack Successful” message popped up when requesting support from another Empire.
    • Acquisition of Contribution Points will now depend on the number of Troops killed in Battle.
    • Corrected the introduction image when downloading Continent Domination.
    • Some UI improvements for Continent Domination Preparation

    ■ Other Improvements
    • Added Special Event within the Event Center.
    • Fixed an issue where "Fill Empty Slots" checkbox disappeared when tapping "Clear Troop Set" within the Set Troops screen.
    • Fixed an issue where tapping the "Send" button multiple times would send duplicate messages.
    • Fixed an issue where "Incorrect total purchased amount" message popped up when purchasing multiple "Daily Request Refresh" in the Alliance Shop.
    • Fixed an issue where some of the buffs were displayed incorrectly when Devotion Ring was enhanced.
    • Improved the displayed information about the "Dragon Movement Speed" buff including individual Dragons.

    This update is aimed to ensure that our Lords enjoy Continent Domination as well as other aspects of the game.

    Go forth and conquer, Descendants!
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