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  • 10/17 Patch Notice [Complete]

    Greetings, Descendants!

    The following adjustments and improvements will be applied during the upcoming patch to improve your Iron Throne gaming experience:

    ◼️ Iron Throne Patch Details:

    Patch Schedule: October 17, 2018, 6:55 PM - 7:20 PM (PDT)

    Patch Contents:
    1. Blood Moon - Fixed an issue where a Peace Shield ‘s duration time would be reset before its expiration time after returning from the Blood Moon War.
    2. Battle Royale - Adjusted the effect of "Dragon Deployment Count Increase" Research in the Academy so that it will not apply in the Battle Royale.
    3. Alliance - Fixed an issue where the “Quick Summon” effect from Alliance Research does not apply when an R4 member summons an Alliance Raid Monster.
    4. Quest - Fixed an issue where the Quest displays an incorrect number of Quests.
    5. Chat - Fixed an error where the Iron Mine is displayed as Silver Mine when sharing Coordinates in the Alliance Chat Window.
    6. Alliance Tournament - Fixed an issue where the rewards would not display properly in the Alliance Tournament result window.
    7. Added “4th Monster Drop Event” within the Event Center:

    For more information, please check the event announcement below:
    [4th Monster Drop Event]

    *The above changes will be applied by after closing and relaunching the game after the patch has completed.

    Go forth and conquer, Descendants!
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