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  • Iron Throne Pre-update Sneak Peek Notice

    Greetings, Descendants!

    Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given Iron Throne so far!

    Since the game’s launch, many of our Lords have given us opinions and suggestions on future update content as well as how to improve Iron Throne as a game overall.

    And with those feedback in mind, here is a sneak peek for the upcoming Iron Throne updates.

    1. Improved existing content

    1.1. Balance adjustment for the costs for Training, Healing, and Revival.
    Since the 11/1 patch, the costs for Healing and Revival of some Tiers have been improved. We are planning to improve these further, as well as improve the Training Cost of Troops.

    1.2. Separation of Hospital Capacity by Tier.
    Improvement of Hospital Capacity will apply to each Tier.
    (e.g., If the capacity is 1 million, the capacity will be 1 million for each Tier with a total Injured Troop Capacity of up to 6 million.)

    1.3. Balance adjustment for Capital War.
    Currently, in Capital War, Troops stationed to defend the capital receive the stats of the Alliance Leader. After the update, they will receive the stats of the Lord whose Hero is appointed as Defense Captain and stats of the Defense Captain.
    In addition, the balance will be adjusted by comparing the maximum number of Troops stationed in the Capital/Sanctuary with the number of Troops possible to deploy in a rally.

    2. New Content

    2.1. Deputy System
    A system for appointing a “Deputy” for the Deploying Hero and Defense Captain is being prepared.
    A Hero with an appointed Deputy will have some of the Deputy’s stats applied to them.

    2.2. Hero Training Research
    Through this research, it will be possible to increase the extent of the abilities inherited by the Deputy through the Hero’s abilities.

    2.3. Kingdom vs. Kingdom Continent Domination
    Get ready for battle against the Alliances of other Kingdoms in the fight to rule the Continent!. Stay tuned for the Kingdom vs. Kingdom Continent Domination where Lords can compete with Alliances from other Kingdoms.​​​​​​​
    Click image for larger version  Name:	skin.png Views:	1 Size:	358.9 KB ID:	72058
    - Make the Castlemore stylish and colorful with the new Dragon and Rose Outer Castle Skins.
    (New Outer Castle Skin names are subject to change.)

    2.5. Added Enhancement Items for Set Equipments
    Items dedicated to enhancing Conqueror, Destroyer, Dominator, and Guardian equipment will be added.

    2.6. Protection Wings Buff (Buff name is subject to change)
    When a player deploys Troops for an individual attack on another Castle, Dead Troops will be changed to Injured Troops only once.

    Many other updates and improvements are in the works, so stay tuned!

    Thank you once again for all your support and feedback!
    Go forth, Descendants!
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