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  • Alliance Tournament

    Greetings, Descendants!

    Find out which Alliance is the strongest in the Iron Throne Alliance Tournament. In this 2-week long competitive battle mode, 5 of the top Alliances from each Kingdom are pooled together with a roster of other random Alliances (128 Alliances total) to compete in an Alliance Deathmatch tournament.
    At the start of the tournament, a “Tournament Banner” will be displayed at the top the screen, notifying players that they can enlist in the event through the Dimensional Void or Battlefield menu.

    Participate in the Alliance Tournament event through the Dimensional Void or Battlefield.


    This 2-week event consists of 7 rounds, each with group stages and a final round.
    - Each group consists of 3 matches. The first Alliance with 2 wins advances to the next round.
    - If an Alliance wins the first 2 of 3 matches, they will proceed to the next round without a 3rd match.
    - If an Alliance fails to participate in a match, they will lose by default, allowing the opposing Alliance to win the match automatically.

    Players can view the Alliance Tournament main menu to see the tournament schedule. This will allow players to see whether their Alliance will be participating in the event or not.

    Players can also find detailed schedules and results of the matches in the Brackets for each Group and for the following Final Rounds.


    Participating Alliances will receive rewards based on their team’s Wins/Losses and advancement to the next rounds. The round Advancement rewards will be sent as Gold to the Alliance Vault.

    Alliances that advance at least twice can receive immense Gold Rewards!
    - The Alliance will receive extra rewards such as Revival Herbs or Tournament Chests based on the team’s collective Wins/Losses.
    - While Alliance Gold will be sent to the Alliance Vault, the Win/Loss rewards will be sent to each individual Lord, depending on the results.

    Tournament Chests can hold Materials for Crafting high-grade Equipment (Conqueror, Guardian, Destroyer, Dominator, Glorious, Sagacious)