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  • Is This The End Of Iron Throne Mobile?

    Hello Everyone,

    Its been awhile since i posted on the forums and i got things to do in real life. Today, i'm going to discuss about Iron Throne Mobile's future. On September 2018, we got a huge patch update which involves Town Mode Season 3, Blood Moon War and Continental Domination. Blood Moon War is for the wallet warriors (Pay 2 win spenders) but the good part is that you get double the rewards. The Bad thing about Blood Moon War is the Kingdom Matchmaking, you will be matched with kingdoms that spends the most money and that they are whales. New Kingdoms in particular that just gotten released has some new players in game and spending moderately.

    As BrandoF2P and RustyMusty and KingHTV said...its all true.
    For Continental Domination, its for the wallet warriors however the rewards are good even if you dont win or survive. Its all good.

    Netmarble needs to see this through and fix the Kingdom Matchmaking. Its so bad and it needs work. However, RevengeGamer said that Iron Throne Mobile will come to a server closure. So, we the players of the iron throne mobile community must save this game from being shut down.

    Oh and 4plat is the game developer and developer for Iron Throne Mobile. Netmarble is a game publishing company.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts regarding this? Will Iron Throne Mobile will end this year? Or will Netmarble use the money from their other games to keep Iron Throne Mobile running?
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    I doubt they will when u read some nut spent 10,000.00 dollars on this game..why in hell spend money on a game u do not own and if it shuts down u lose it all lol..I doubt they will close it unless people stop spending money and running the servers and paying the debs puts them in the red...making money it will most likely stay not making money dump....