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  • Consolidated List of Necessary Changes (updated frequently)

    First off I want to say this upcoming patch on the 12th was very solid and you can tell you have listened to the feedback of players. Good job on that and congrats on taking this step!!

    Consolidated list of necessary changes that should be implemented:

    1. Increase essential item drops from monster chests and purchased chests... especially purchased chests as it cost real money to get these only to find a horrible drop rate.

    2. Increase final bonuses for c30. The cost of c30 is through the roof at least reward us upon getting there...

    3. Drop level 4-6 rune chests from strongholds again... there is no way in the game to get runes anymore.

    4. Allow equipment dismantling for essential parts needed to create immortal items. This would be a huge help tons of equipment with no use produced.

    5. Add more event packs for special occasions... this helps everyone lower player higher players and you make money on them.

    6. Take out food upkeep out of the game... this is long overdue it’s completely unessesary and just steals my food and prevents me from holding it on my account.

    7. Re-implement 500% Troop speed ups in the battle packs. Why did you take this out of the game?

    8. Create a better way to exchange high end immortal runes with similar rarity runes... right now the current exchange system favors crap runes and nobody wants to exchange high end runes for a chance at a crap rune.

    I will continue to update this list as times goes.
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    Figured I'd share my two cents on your ideas.

    1. I think it's already a decent balance, you don't want things to be too easy to craft. With your second point I strongly disagree, "purchased chests" should have no better drop rate than event chests, as this would cater towards the spender only. Definitely keep event/pack chest rates the same.

    2. I agree somewhat, nothing spectacular at c30 it looks like (I'm not there yet), but also if you're c30 you don't really need any additional rewards lol - you're already at a point 99% of players won't ever reach.

    3. They're doing this I think. Also can get them from inn.

    4. Agree, should be random material chances from dismantle.

    5. Disagree strongly, would lead to inflation and devaluing of previous purchases. See GOW, buy something, one week later its 80% off. The new pack every 2 weeks or so is a great balance so far, P2W has advantage, but new packs aren't crippling, big issue in other games. PLEASE keep it similar to the current system.

    6. Maybe, but it's not too hard to calculate food needs, probably the way to go is an upkeep set of sorts.

    7. N/A

    8. Think you're unlucky, I do get crappy runes from time to time but I also get what I need. Maybe bump the rate to something a little more favorable, but when you're trading in 6 food production runes pretty much anything is an upgrade.

    Overall, I think your ideas are geared too much toward the moderately high spending player, a category I probably fit under, but don't agree that threatening the balance of the game would be good in the long run. I'm happy with the advantages I already receive, and realize that catering towards both spenders and non-spenders is a fragile art.


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      [QUOTE=Tom_K5;n56218]Figured I'd share my two cents on your ideas.

      1. Yeah i would compromise on this... Even seeing monster chests boosted a bit would make a huge difference and would also benefit F2P quite a lot. I have heard people having luck on purchased chests... me however never have gotten one immortal part from a chest in my life.

      2. Yes i agree... Wait till you get close to level c30... The cost of completing c29-c30 is like 15b each rss + the insane amount of speeds... Requires full upgrade of hospital, barracks, stables, rss centers, and many other useless buildings before they allow the c30 upgrade which is uber expensive in itself... It really is not worth upgrading I would stay at c29 if i were not insane.

      3. Only issue with the inn is very frequent and only 1 drop per board completion... also usually low level. Not a viable way to get runes... I loved the old way of attacking strongholds for runes. Made the strongholds worthwhile over monsters also.

      4. *nod*

      5. If it were actually 2 times per month special packs i would have no problems... recently they had the summer and capital war packs but prior to that it was a couple months before the last sale packages. I just think it would be nice to have a special pack for days like the 4th of July Xmas, Easter, Halloween, ect pretty much every game does this and we pretty much don't.

      6. Upkeep needs to be thrown away... Any implementation of an upkeep system will cause a mass exile of all players to leave the game... I can tell by this comment you do not have a large army or you would know how much food troops actually inhale. Your life would be consistently gathering food for your army making the game entirely too tedious to any normal player to continue playing. This for SURE needs to go and never be spoken of again.

      7. N/A

      8. The problem is I have 8 immortal Infantry +15% runes 7 +15% Calvary Runes, and 9 +15% Archer runes... These are difficult for most players to get... However The last thing i want to do is put 5 of these insanley rare runes into a random generator to spit me out some POS food production rune in its place. Expecially when they can change the game on the dime and those rare runes could become relevant again... However If i were able to transfer it for a similar rarity rune of equal value i would consider it. Otherwise it just sits there... It would be nice to have a solution instead of going into the RNG 5 for 1 generator. I love the generator for smaller runes to bigger but perhaps they need to make the RNG better for immortal to immortal or 5 immortal=3 immortal or something more reasonable.

      Overall i think we somewhat agree on most things. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Hopefully they listen to some of the changes and the game continues to get better... I think the new patch was a very good one that's scheduled for july 15th.


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        Haha don't get me wrong on 6,

        Yeah upkeep sucks, but if you can sit just sit on 0 like we can presently, and open what you need (and be quick to use it so your troops don't eat it all) then it's very tolerable. If they remove upkeep they'll have to change food production, demands, defiled rewards, etc... to have more balance, otherwise you get food at like a 5:1 ratio and don't spend it at that rate.

        Going back to 8, I hear ya, especially with the new runes coming into play. Would be nice for you to be able to trade some of those in right off the bat for the newer ones, rather than risking dimensional battle meteor strike or food production.

        And 5, special holiday's is fine, like Black Friday, Xmas etc... Though a lot of games get carried away and "oh it's national pet day, here's what we offered last week for 90% off." I think we can agree prevent that, maybe bi-monthly new packs, of not exceptionally better value, but a different variety to encourage purchasing.

        Jumping around sorry - 2,
        I'm in no hurry to go to c30 just yet haha, I'll let you tell me how worth it is! I'll be sitting at 28 for a decent bit.

        For 1,
        I'm one of those lucky people, two days in a row got a Legendary White Arrow out of the daily Destroyer chests. Maybe consider you have the worst luck ever? Haha, I'm ok with the drop rate slightly increasing, but it is nice to have to somewhat grind out gear (since it's attainable, not something you just would never reach) if you don't buy it face value.

        Lastly 3,
        Yeah definitely don't get enough out of the inn, just an additional avenue. I do believe I read somewhere, if not in the 7/12 patch that they're bringing back chaotics dropping runes.

        Again, mostly agree with ya, and I'm looking forward to them gearing updates towards things we continue to ask for.


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          4. Yes somewhere to use the gear you tried at 80% only for it to not work. Either a way to break it down for parts or combine gear of one level into another level like runes.

          speaking or runes....

          8. Agreed. There should be no WAY that fusing 6 purple runes returns 1 purple rune. That is utterly ridiculous. I have had 6 fuses in a row return 1 purple. So i traded 24 purples for 6 purples. That should not happen. Either reduce the # of runes to fuse or stop allowing returns of purples from purple fusing