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    Sent this list to Netmarble a few days back. Figured I'd share and seek input. Please note some of these changes are being addressed in 7/12 update, but wasn't worth editing out. Apologies for small typos here and there, didn't proofread the list as well as I should have.

    1) March presets specialized to each hero, maybe tack this on a few VIP levels. The current system takes very long to attack, the scrolling bars aren’t too user friendly when you have a lot of troops, and manually typing troop numbers is always hard in a time crunch.

    2) Ability to kill entire attacker’s march, I understand this mechanism is probably to prevent demoralization from an attacker losing everything, but if a player is attacking he/she should understand the risk.

    3) Some way to reward activity with AP. AP is this game is extremely valuable, and since it can’t be purchased with gold, I think a fair thing to do is throw some in inferno event rewards, or as a random drop for monsters/chaotics/defileds. Players should be encouraged to stay online, and AP is used for a lot of features of the game, what better way to reward activity than with AP? Maybe even a faster recharge rate if you’re online, half AP cost event days, AP alliance event rewards, or double AP drops. Basically it is burned at a far faster rate than obtained, and right now the only way to get it is 80 a day in VIP store, and through packages, usually the $100 one’s which are out of reach for the average player. Even still, I could burn the 5k AP from the pack in less than a day.

    4) Stackable execution buffs. I was surprised when I found out that hero executions didn’t stack. Considering the fact that there are way more heroes available to kill than in other games, I think that there is no reason execution buffs shouldn’t stack. Otherwise, what is the motivation to kill someone’s hero, if you can only get the buff once consecutively. I know there’s research to prolong the duration, but this is a weird one to me.

    5) Capital War – if you win the battle you should win the throne. Defending is a lot easier than attacking because of the rally troop size available to most players as of now. It’s usually like 1.5M troops vs 2.6M troops in the throne, and as long as the defender has more troops in the throne they still hold it. This also seems off to me, if you win a battle there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t knock the defender out of the throne.

    6) Ability to teleport with marches camped. PLEASE, this one is big for me. In gow you were able to teleport as long as you didn’t have troops marching anywhere, so if they were gathering, or defending the wonder, you could still move as you wished and leave them behind. I believe this should be the same way, especially for sanctuaries.

    7) Expanding on #6, the fact that a leader can’t appoint a guard captain is a sanctuary unless he/she has a march in it is a giant inconvenience. I think a R4 should be able, or at least the leader should be able to appoint a guard captain without having to go to every sanctuary and put a march inside, only to recall and leave after it is done.

    8) In the latter stages of the game resources are super tough, I’m not asking for things to be cheaper, but some again some incentives to play more while benefiting activity. Perhaps a “double defiled reward” weekend, so bigger players can chip away at those huge resource demands.

    9) Alliance raid improvements, at the moment the rewards are not enough motivation to most alliances to raid, the herbs were a nice addition as well as the AP reduction, but still I think this should be something every alliance wants to do every two days, otherwise why the cooldown? This is a really cool feature that is under-utilized because most alliances only want to do it on Sunday when they need to clear the alliance event. Spicing this up is very necessary. Perhaps tack on a way to gain (like net positive) AP from it; would help solve #3.

    10) This one is really tricky, but either add an entire new game mode which is Battle Royale with a build aspect, or implement it into BR. I like the mode a lot, but it’s very random. There’s not too much strategy you can use to help yourself win (I have like a 70% win-rate and realize most of it is just getting lucky), maybe that’s the goal I don’t know. I’m sure it would be hard to develop, but it would be really fun for a lot of players. Start with “x” amount of gold, speed ups, materials, and resources, level your city up, train troops, and craft gear in a short amount of time. Some of the point rewards could be additional speeds/materials/gold/resources. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to do this as frequently as the other two modes, but perhaps on the weekends. A stretch I know, but someone suggested this to me and I thought it would be a nice addition to BR. The original idea was to start in a new kingdom with a time limit and have an unofficial competition, to build up and then fight each other and whoever got zeroed last won. So I took that idea and tried to apply it to BR, because it sounded like something players would enjoy.

    11) Kingdom market, ideally for both items and resources, but not a problem if items would cause too much real world trading. Let players list resources for sale for either gold, silver, or a different resource in return, and perhaps even let players sell excess items for gold, silver or a different resource in return. Taking it one step further, incorporate gear too, for the same purchasing options suggested above.

    12) Additional alliance buildings, it seems the defensive buildings, shrine, and one resource building don’t truly have that much function, and by that an alliance city is not extremely important. I understand the research buffs and the territory restrictions, but I believe this could play a bigger role in the game. Alliance treasury perhaps, where you invest vault gold or silver in return for a higher % back, but you have to defend the building. Alliance resource bank, where all members donate resources and r4/r5 can send it out to members as they choose, but again you defend it or lose everything in it being destroyed. Alliance barracks where you train troops to defend your buildings? Just throwing random ideas out, I think that most players wouldn’t be too upset with losing their Alliance City, so it doesn’t play a big enough role in my book.

    13) Additional alliance researches for individual cities, specifically, training speed, construction speed, research speed, AP regeneration, and enhanced march size. Some of the alliance researches are nice in theory, but not useful. I think some more beneficial alliance researches would incentivize donating to research (throw on a tax if you need to), and build a more teambased environment within alliances.

    14) Different alliance event rank rewards, the chests are nice but never really amount to anything other than helping increase gift level, maybe the late gift levels for alliances are actually super beneficial and I don’t know yet, but there isn’t that much incentive to compete for 1st as an alliance, it’s more clear the third stage and wait until tomorrow. Increasing rewards might even increase spending, as there is more competition for placing as a collective.

    15) Active event leaderboards, it’s strange that these aren’t in game already, if there is a system to keep track of player rankings, there should also be some transparency in seeing what a player needs to hit a certain mark. Apply this to alliance events as well.

    16) Line up special boost days (Wednesday construction boost, Thursday research, Friday training speed) with alliance events.

    17) Implement a gear recycle mechanism. Selling for silver is nice as at least there is some option, but also breaking a gear piece for some sort of materials in return would be a lot more favorable.

    18) Increase sanctuary bonus percentage and/or gold rewards. Right now, aside from capital war boost, and occasional research or training boost, sanctuaries don’t play a role in the game. They should either pay out gold every 2 hours as the mail notification states (the notification says “x” alliance will obtain the reward every 2 hours, but in reality it is every 6 hours), or increase the reward in general, whether it be the boost you get from holding one, or a larger sum of gold. The dragon skills are somewhat helpful, but the essence alone isn’t enough to motivate a lot of the big alliances to compete for sanctuaries. This should be a daily war of sorts; they should be more beneficial to the alliances that own them, at least in my opinion. Being the #1 alliance in our kingdom and not ever really being motivated to maintain a sanctuary seems a little off.

    19) Building off of dragon skills, it would be nice to get a mini ancient dragon blessing for only your alliance, through obtaining the proper essence or vault gold.

    20) Some way to communicate with players in other kingdoms, in gow you were able to look players up with the search option and see their profile no matter what kingdom they were in. You could also add them as a contact and private message them as you pleased. Some kind of system to allow for cross kingdom communication would be a good way to enhance the community involvement.
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