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  • How to Install UC Browser in Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is an African word that means ‘Humanity to others’, it also means ‘I’m what I’m because of who we all are’. Ubuntu is a free operating system from the house of LINUX. This Debian-based operating system can be used in PC, Smartphones and Networks with equal facilities like any other modern OS. Ubuntu is an open source software development where every user is encouraged to use it vigorously, distribute it to their friends and colleagues, and contribute their knowledge to improve its wokability. Microsoft has further taken some important steps to promote such a humanly step taken by LINUX. Naturally, there are millions of people all over the world now using Ubuntu and getting their day-to-day jobs done through it.

    On the other hand, UC browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers for mobile devices. Till to date, it’s the most popular and most-used mobile browser in Asia, particularly in India and China. It is a fact that UC browser is now available in 3000 different types of models of Smartphones and tabs. Naturally, Smartphone users always keep in touch with UC browser customer service team to fix different types of UC browser related issues fixed at the spot.

    Some of the best known features of UC browser for which it has gained so much of popularity are as follows –

    The browser lets users to get content on a new customizable homepage with a feature called cards. Basically, the browser has the facility to show widgets on its homescreen.
    The browser uses cloud based technology.
    UC Browser has a very upgraded and integrated download manager that is technologically quite advanced. Users can pre-set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads indicate the target folders and also can choose whether or not to be prompted before a download process starts.
    The most useful quality in the UC browser is its “quick access” feature. Quick access basically allows the user to have a relentless search bar as well as a quick shortcut to the Facebook messages, newsfeed, notifications as also shortcut to show a new status in the wall.
    As per the available statistics there are almost 500 million UC browser users all over the world. This huge number of users is using varied operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, and Symbian etc. In its latest upgradation, millions of Ubuntu users can now download their most coveted UC browser in their mobile devices too. In February, 2015 Ubuntu-operated smart phones launched in the market. Since then, thousands of Ubuntu users call at the UC browser customer care to know how to install UC browser in Ubuntu. The process of installation requires a few checkups and few steps to follow one-by-one, which is guided very proficiently by the UC browser customer service executives.

    The highly professional customer care executives are also proficient in solving all other types of UC browser problems. Apart from downloading UC browser, many users of this very popular browser report some other issues too. Some of these issues are as follows –

    People questions about privacy and security of the data they access or float in the internet through UC browser.
    Many users questions about the usability of tools and features available in the UC browser.
    Users sometimes report about slow browsing process through UC browser.
    Hence, it is always feasible to preserve UC browser customer service number very safely and call them to know how to install UC browser in Ubuntu.

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