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  • Developer's Note: March Update Preview - Part 2

    Greetings, heroes of Aden!

    How did you like the Temporal Rift and Cloaks sneak peak from the last preview? As promised, we’re back with more exciting new features! In part 2 of our preview, we’re going to introduce new Red Rare Equipment and the new Clan Dungeon - Cruma Core Room. Let’s take a look!

    As you’ve likely noticed from its name, Red Rare Equipment will have a red background on the inventory icon that can be easily recognized. While existing Blue Rare Equipment is specialized for PvP, Red Rare Equipment is specially made for PvE. However, their powerful substats will make them useful for any battlefield. Let’s dive deeper into the Red Rare Equipment!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1.png Views:	5 Size:	770.9 KB ID:	16669Click image for larger version  Name:	2.PNG Views:	3 Size:	45.9 KB ID:	16670
    • Along with Blue Rare Equipment, Red Rare Equipment has higher substats than that of Normal Equipment.
    • Red Rare Equipment contains new attributes which will bring advantages for taking on dungeons.
    ✓ Pierce - Inflicts up to 3 times increased damage to Magical Monsters.

    ✓Aegis - Decreases damage dealt by Magical Monsters by up to 1/3.

    Red Rare Equipment deals extra damage to Magical Monsters, and reduces damage taken from them. These bonuses against Magical Monsters (extra damage and decreased damage taken) are unique specialties that can only be found in Red Rare Equipment. Their outstanding performance will guarantee your victory wherever you face Magical Monsters! But, keep in mind their superior substats are not only for Magical Monsters, but for all kinds of monsters. Now, let’s talk about Magical Monsters before moving on!
    • The Magical Monster icon is displayed when a monster of that type is selected.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	3.png Views:	6 Size:	27.8 KB ID:	16671
    • Magical Monsters usually appear in the Temporal Rift and the Cruma Core Room (Clan Dungeon).
    ✓Strong boss monsters and monsters in Elite Dungeons are usually Magical Monsters.

    Powerful Magical Monsters often appear in the Temporal Rift and the Cruma Core Room. So, gear up with this Magical Monster-specialized Equipment before you head to the Temporal Rift, the Cruma Core Room, and any other places you might encounter strong monsters.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	4.jpg Views:	1 Size:	163.3 KB ID:	16672
    Next, let’s check out the new Clan Dungeon, Cruma Core Room!
    • There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
    • The boss monster, Cruma Core, is a Magical Monster.
    • The Cruma Core has various special skills such as a beam attack, HP recovery, and a debuff that makes opponents attack each other.
    Recommended Combat Power for the Cruma Core Room is higher than other Clan Dungeons, so make sure to bring your strongest equipment. Magical Monster-specialized Equipment will give you an advantage with defeating the Cruma Core! The Cruma Core summons monsters at regular intervals and attacks through a powerful, long-ranged beam. In addition, its Mind Control skill confuses opponents into attacking each other. At higher difficulty levels, the Cruma Core has higher attack power and reflects damage, making the battle more challenging. If your Combat Power is not high enough to drop its HP rapidly, it will become more challenging to defeat the Cruma Core due to its self-recovery skill. To defeat the Cruma Core, figure out its attack pattern first and then punish it with your strongest attacks.

    Various improvements have been made as well. First, you will be able to enter a Monster Summoning Stone Dungeon without having to enter the Inventory to use a Rare Monster or Boss Summoning Stone. You can select a monster you want to summon from a separate menu, removing the need to go through the Inventory to summon monsters. This UI improvement makes it a lot easier to enter the dungeon, so we hope that more heroes will enjoy the Monster Summoning Stone Dungeons.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5.png Views:	1 Size:	884.3 KB ID:	16673

    In addition, the maximum number of materials that can be registered as level up materials has increased from 10 to 40. The shop items’ icons have also been revamped for better visibility. Please wait for our upcoming update news to learn more.

    Our major content update is just around the corner. The Temporal Rift, Cloaks, Red Rare Equipment, and the Cruma Core Room have just finished their final testing. They may arrive as early as next week, so stay tuned! We’ll be back with more fun and excitement.

    Until then, happy hunting!
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    No clan bundles with silver and gold varnish? Fixed LB fail? Custom pvp settings?


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      Looks good!


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        You should add something more than an icon like on SEA to let us know what magical
        Ken Rauhel 03
        JudgementDay Leader


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          We only get Reds with combine?


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            What about the % of getting a blue rare? Wasn't it supposed to be raised with this update?...


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              Why can’t we still not salvage pet stones? Why are you completely inept at making this game worth the effort?


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                When will the core shop be implemented?


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                  I hope this “preview” is just that, because it’s missing a ton of content if this game is supposed to be following the updates of south east Asia. I realize our content is being releasead slower (3-4 weeks between new content, compared to 2on SEA) but there’s no mention or Marlox, no mention of guillotine and much more. Also, now are you gonna allow us to use 40 equipment for levelling gear, but not give us the option to bulk sell 40 items at a time?

                  Wheres the fix fix to limitt breaking, the current “standard” is a joke. Way too many fails. I sure hope you’re planning more for this update than what is provided. If you’re reading this and wondering what I am talking about with reguards to limit breaking, here is the change from south east Asia:

                  - Many Heroes have expressed their frustration with the Limit Break failure. The Lineage2 Revolution
                  Developer’s Team is taking a serious look into this. Currently, our Limit Break system has a possibility
                  of failure and a high cost rate when attempting to Limit Break. This may cause users to have an
                  experience that is not good.
                  - After this update, when you try to Limit Break, you will have a 100% success rate and for
                  successful limit break, your level will increase by one or two levels.

                  Through this update, Limit Break will change.

                  Existing: After Limit Break, equipment will increase by 2 levels by 50% rate.
                  After: After Limit Break, equipment will increase by 1 to 2 levels by rate.

                  - We are planning to compensate those players who failed Limit Break and bonus rate stacked
                  at 25% or 50%.
                  Equipment which bonus rate stacked at 25%: Equipment maximum level increased by 1.
                  Equipment which bonus rate stacked at 50%: Equipment maximum level increased by 2.

                  *Existing Equipment level does not increase. Only the maximum level of equipment will increase.

                  I really hope you’ll stop being cheap with the global version. We don’t need a dumbed down version, we need better quality content. Pm me and I’ll work for you for free and get this game to where it should be


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                    I don't get it. First of all, why is the new gear rare? They are normal in Asian server.
                    And I while netmarble asia is making things easy for their users, netmarble na is going exactly the opposite.
                    I feel like they treat us as some kind of money machine.
                    Why don't you guys do the same update as other users in Asian server have?
                    Seriously considering quit this game.


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                      Wow wow wow, new rare Armor?!
                      With this you are slashing chances of getting BLUE PvP gear in half!!! Poor new players will almost have no chance at all for accruing full PvP set.
                      Please, you must allow for the option of choosing which RARE GEAR player wishes to attempt to create, otherwise rates are soo slim it’s not even a joke!
                      Or allow for direct trade with players for rare pieces.


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                        It’s insulting that you decided to add red rare to game, after taking away Monthly rare login. Then don’t even give us a event for increased chance at combining rares? Both Korea and SEA have rares for monthly log in rewards!!! This is shameful are you trying to kill off all the free players? I’m not gonna keep spending it half the game quits from your awful management of content.


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                          Originally posted by Reign View Post
                          It’s insulting that you decided to add red rare to game, after taking away Monthly rare login. Then don’t even give us a event for increased chance at combining rares? Both Korea and SEA have rares for monthly log in rewards!!! This is shameful are you trying to kill off all the free players? I’m not gonna keep spending it half the game quits from your awful management of content.


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                            Hey there.

                            Are you guys planning on doing something about the mount equipment enhance scroll drops ?

                            None of the high level monsters drop them, so it's become impossible to get them aside from the cash shop. I understand that you guys want to sell things and make money, but completely eliminating the drops is just plain dumb.



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                              In the rush for the money Netmarble will lose base population. In the past 2 weeks i ve lost 2 party s. They were f2p (only red diamonds from daily benefits). Most of them were at the point of limit braking their equipement. 2 problems:
                              - the success of getting blue pvp gears is very low (personaly i havent got one from january and i constantly combine items - lucky for me i was busy with my accesorys)
                              - after you get a blue rare pvp, farm for 50 upgrade stones you get an epic fail...that is not fun