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  • Developer’s Note: May’s New Update Preview - Part 2

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    Greetings, Heroes of Aden! We hope last Monday’s update news about Castle Siege, Level & Territory Expansion, and Dungeon Difficulty Expansion was exciting for everyone! Today, we bring you a preview for new PvP and dungeon content that will arrive a little later in May, after the initial content update. Let’s take a look!

    3v3 Honorable Battlefield added

    Very Hard difficulty added to Adena Vault, Summoning Circle

    First, here are few things about our new team-based, real-time 3v3 Honorable Battlefield:

    ● It will be available on three specific days each week.

    ● You will be able to make a pre-made party of three or two players before joining the queue. You can also join the queue by yourself to be matched with random teammates.

    ● The battle will last for 5 minutes, and the team that reaches a specific number of points first will win.
    > Earn points by defeating opponents. You can win bonus points by defeating all opponents on the battlefield.

    ● Useful buffs will spawn on the northern and southern areas of the map, but the exact locations and types of buffs will be random. A notification will appear 5 seconds before the buff spawns.

    ● Dead players will respawn after 10 seconds, but currency can be used to revive instantly without waiting.

    ● Earn Honor Coins and Ranking Points upon victory. Honor Coins can be exchanged at the Honor Coin Trader for various items.

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    Honor Coins can be exchanged for special items not normally available through conventional means. Gather your friends and clan members to work together for victory! Also, expect events in celebration of the new addition of Honorable Battlefield. Join the battlefield and climb the ranks for great rewards! Hope to see you there!

    Next up, we have the addition of a new Dungeon Difficulty. Our development team is aware that a lot of our players are eagerly waiting for an additional difficulty for the Adena Vault. After discussing the possibility of opening a new difficulty, we’ve decided to take our players’ feedback and include another difficulty in the month of May. You will be able to earn more Adena! Summoning Circle will have Very Hard difficulty added as well.

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    Remember! “Honorable Battlefield”, and the new addition of difficulties for “Adena Vault” and “Summoning Circle” will not be added with the initial May update, but will be added in updates soon after. We hope there is no confusion with this. They will be updated while you are already enjoying new content such as Castle Siege and the Territory Expansion!

    Now, let’s recap the April’s Developer’s Note:
    Content to be added on the first May Update:
    ● Castle Siege
    ● Level/Territory Expansion
    ● New Dungeons & Difficulties: Daily Dungeon, Temple Guardian, 1 new type of Elite Dungeon, Tower of Insolence expansion
    ● New Server and Server Merge

    Content to be added after the first May Update via patch:
    ● 3v3 Honorable Battlefield
    ● Very Hard difficulty for Adena Vault, Summoning Circle

    Did you enjoy the preview? Can you tell that the May Update is brimming with new content? This isn’t all! Next week, we will unveil the last part of the May Update. It will contain even bigger news than this week, so stay tuned! Until next week, happy hunting!
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    I really hope that we get the Limit Break update still. It really sucks that we all need to complain to get the good updates. Its been an update I have wanted for months now. Its only recently been pushing me away from playing this game. Its costly enough just getting rare gear. But then to spend all the adena on upgrading and then waiting for the stones to upgrade. Its not that its time consuming. Its just this game doesn't offer much to those that are not as lucky as others. I am not free 2 play by any means. I just don't feel this game offers constant equal progression. Atleast if you fail enhance. LB could still keep you slowly progressing. Atleast, when you LB you can have a smile on your face instead of a frown when you fail 2 times in a row. I feel that attribute and enhancing are late game things. Don't let LB be late game either. Since it sorta cuts the playerbase between p2w and f2p. If f2p players could still be on a semi equal footing to p2w players. I think the game would be much more enjoyable. I also don't want to see more people leave the game. I've seen countless players leave. Only because everything that is more important in this game is based off of chance (%).


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      Unlikely to change. I think even the Korean version does not have this.
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    Can we get a rough time as to when the new servers will be launching so we can plan our schedules?


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      I think you won't get anything from here. Neither information or even a single reply to our questions/concerns. This CM Niah doesn't give a f*** about you or anyone else. Doesn't even bother to reply a single time! Simply ignores and makes you a dumb ass that complain here and gets nothing but contempt/disregard! I can't even understand where this individual gets the 4k posts. Probably fake 4k posts that can be added by internally modifying web site's databases to try to deceive you and make you think this CM Niah is active and somehow cares. This is a joke.


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        Hello. When will you be posting part 3 of the developer's notes?