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    Aaaand another maintenance, another 3 hours. sheesh, with this it'll do more than 24 hours on maintenances. At least lets hope for the codexes being right this time.


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      If you guys writing “check” so please be so kind write something about it
      This is not Asia where people have a lot of patience
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        Cross posting from the 'other forum'...

        (05/09) emergency patch

        CM Niah | Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 10:16 | 3,665

        Greetings, Heroes of Aden!

        We will have a patch to fix the abnormalities in the monster codex.
        To resolve the issue, the monster codex's status will be rolled back to its status before the 5/9 update.

        In a future patch, we plan to distribute the monster cores that were obtained after the 05/09 update.
        For more details of the distribution, we will announce with further notice.

        We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
        For more details, please refer to the following information:

        05/09 10:50 am - 01:50 pm (PDT)
        05/09 01:50 pm - 04:50 pm (EDT)
        05/09 05:50 pm - 08:50 pm (GMT)
        05/10 03:50 am - 06:50 am (AEST)

        ※ You can not login to the server during maintenance.

        - Fix the monster codex issue.
        ※ All monster cores obtained after 05/09 update until the emergency maintenance will be removed.
        ※ Obtained monster cores after 05/09 update until the emergency maintenance will be distributed to each character at a later date.
        ※ For the distribution schedule, we will announce with further notice.

        Soul Powder 1000
        Evil Summoning Stone Selection Box x3
        Boss Summoning Stone Selection Box x 1
        300 Red Diamonds

        Soul Powder is a currency item that can be used to purchase monster cores from the monster core shop.
        ※ The compensation will be sent to your account's mailbox after you log-in (within 72 hours after the maintenance ends).

        Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

        Thank you,
        CM Niah


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          Can CM Niah or anyone that knows by fact if you can LB on UR equipment with SR equipment?