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  • 5/9 Patch Details - Server Merges and the Opening of New Servers

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    Greetings, Heroes of Aden!

    The Massive May Update is finally here!
    We’d like to cover details regarding the server merges and new servers. Also, we will cover details on changes to Arena ranking, Server ranking, and information on Clan / Character names.

    1. Server Merge & New Servers List
    Certain servers are merging together to ensure smoother matching for co-op content and more competitive Fortress and Castle Sieges.
    New servers will open in conjunction with the grand launch in Latin America.
    Strive to become the server's strongest by the special benefits from the new servers!

    1) List of New and Merged Servers

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    *There will be only one Zilian server. We apologize for the confusion.

    2) Character and clan name reservations and distribution of Character/Clan Name Change Tickets are only available until 5/23 (PDT).
    -A temporary text character will be added to the end of duplicate clan and character names. Duplicate names can be edited with the Character/Clan Name Change Ticket.
    - A text character that will be added to duplicate character names having more than 16 text characters can be changed until 6/15 (PDT). After that date, unedited character names will be changed with a random name.
    - A chance to reserve the name will be provided to characters and clans created before 4/12 12:00 am(PDT), but will not be granted to any characters or clans created after 4/12 12:00 am(PDT). 
    - Reserved character and clan names can only be reserved until 6/5 12:00 am(PDT). If the player who has reserved the name does not use it by 6/5 12:00 am(PDT), it will be freely available afterward.
    - A Character Name Change Ticket will be delivered to your Character Mailbox after the update and will be stored for 3 days. Expired items cannot be recovered.

    Character Name Change Ticket
    - The Character Name Change Ticket can be used to change a duplicate name. When tapped, it allows players to enter a name in the text field and proceed with the name change process.
    *The name cannot be edited once confirmed. Please make sure to enter the correct Character Name before saving the changes.

    Clan Name Change Ticket
    - The Clan Name Change Ticket will be sent to the Clan Storage.
    *Only the Clan Leader will be able to proceed with the name change process.
    - The ticket allows Clan Leaders to change the clan’s name. To change the name, tap Clans > Clan Info > Emblems/Change Clan Name. Please note that the ticket will be used up in this process.
    *The name cannot be edited once confirmed. Please make sure to enter the correct Clan Name before saving the changes.

    3) Character and clan information will still be accessible after the server merge.
    - If a player should have 4 characters on the each of the servers that are about to merge, they will be able to use all 8 of those characters.
      The characters will be displayed in descending order, with the highest leveled characters displayed first.
    *Any characters in excess of the 4 with the highest levels will be deleted in the future and a notice will be sent when the deletion will occur.
    - The Owned Character Effect will only apply to the top 4 characters on the list.
    - Friend lists and Clan Information (Members, Achievements, Clan Hall info, Currency, etc.) will be maintained after the server merge.
      However, any clan publication records will be reset.
    - Any listed items in the Trading Post will also be accessible. 
    - If both accounts have any Daily Diamond items applicable, the duration of the item will be extended.
      (Information on monthly character-specific packages can be checked by logging onto that particular character.)
    - Characters meeting ALL 3 of the following requirements are deleted upon server merge.
      (Any owned characters not meeting all of these requirements will be retained.)
    1. If the account is Inactive: An account is marked inactive if it has not been accessed in 30 days or more.
    2. If the owned character’s level is under Level 10.
    3. If there were no in-game transactions made.

    4) Daily Diamond items and Blue/Red Diamonds are affected as listed below.

    Daily Diamonds
    - Any currency not claimed by the server merge date will be delivered to the Mailbox.
    - The server merge date will be used as a base for calculating the remainder of currency owed. The currency will then be delivered to the Mailbox.
    - Bonus Topazes will be calculated by summing up the points for the remaining duration of the item, then dividing it by 8. They will be delivered to the Mailbox. Any leftover points will be applied to the Daily Diamonds tab.
    - Since all currency will be provided, the Daily Diamond item will show up as having been purchased in the shop.

    Blue/Red Diamonds
    - Blue Diamonds is currency sharable between characters on an account and all Blue Diamonds will be combined.
    - Red Diamonds is currency tied to specific characters and will not be combined. If a character is deleted, the character’s owned Red Diamonds will also be deleted.

    5) Some in-game content will be reset.
    - Some in-game content will be reset due to the server merge.
    *Any Fortresses that have been conquered will be reset after the servers merge.
    - Any conquered Fortresses will be reset after the merge and you will need to participate again in Fortress Siege.
    - Rewards will be sent to all clan members who have conquered a Fortress at the time of the merge.
      However, only clan members that were in the clan before the server merge will receive rewards.
    1. Clan Reward: 3,000,000 Clan Adena (Sent by adding to previously owned Clan Adena)
    2. Clan Member Rewards: 2 Conquer Rewards that can't be claimed due to Server Merge

    *A new Arena season will begin and the existing rankings will reset.
    - Arena Honor Rank and accumulated Honor Points will be maintained.
    - Initial Rank Rewards will be available.

    *All ranking information will be reset.
    - All ranking information will be reset and ranks will be recalculated.

    *The Clan Leaver Penalty will be reset.
    - Existing Clan Leaver Penalties will be reset. However, the Leaver Penalty will continue to be applied normally after the server merge.

    6) Information for all items registered to the Trading Post will be transferred.
    - All items registered to the Trading Post will be marked as complete and will be available to collect at the Trading Post.
    - Uncollected and sold items will maintain their status and will also be available to collect at the Trading Post.

    7) Server Transfer Ticket can be used.
    -After the Server Merge, you can use the Server Transfer Ticket from the Shop to change your server.
    > Your created character(s) (max 4) will all be transferred.
    > Purchase counts from Daily Benefits and Collectors Shop will all be maintained.
    > All of your currencies will be transferred. Blue Diamonds will be added with Blue Diamonds in the transferred server.
    > Information on your clan and friends will be reset.
    > Arena ranking will be reset. There will be no rewards distributed from achieved rank prior to the server transfer.
    > Content progress, character info, Login info, Event participation info, and mailbox content will all be maintained.
    > Blue Diamonds that were claimed by selling expired and posted items in the Trading Post will all be sent to your mailbox.
    > Trading Post statement history will be reset.
    -The Server Transfer Ticket can be used only once every 6 months per account.
    -Server Transfer is not possible if the desired server's capacity is full.
    -Server Transfer is not possible to a new server.
    -You cannot transfer to a different region's server.
    -Server Transfer is not possible if you have more than 5 characters from two servers combined.
    -A Clan Leader character that has left the clan or has disbanded a clan can transfer to a different server.
    -Duplicate nicknames can be changed according to the rules listed below.
    > For Duplicate nicknames, a special text character will be added to the end of the nickname. A Character Name Change Ticket will be sent to your Inventory.
    > The Character Name Change Ticket can be purchased and used after the update until 5/23 (PDT). Please be aware that If it is not used during that period then the ticket will expire.

    Thank you,
    CM Niah
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    I have 12 toons on 3 servers. 2 of the servers are merging. How does that work? Just use a transfer ticket?


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      So, a question about server transfer since I'm playing on a NA server but I'm from the Netherlands.

      Will the server transfer from NA (Aden02) to Europe possible in the (near) future? Asking this because I put a lot of effort (and cash) into my main character, and I'm missing out on all the fun stuff like world boss, sieges (and for the future castle sieges) since they occur at 3-4am.

      Thanks for replying in advance!



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        regarding para 3 charaters i have 4 high lvl on 05 and lower lvls on 03 in 1 sentance you say i will have 8 chars on n2 and the next in red says i will lose 4 i have put a lot of time and effort in my lower lvls so unfair if i lose them in the future


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          I feel the same. If I lose my toons, I will be getting with the App Store for a refund of all my money.
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        It says a toon will only be deleted if it meets ALL THREE of the stated conditions...


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          What about paragraph 3. Mainly the sentence highlighted in red with an asterisk.
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        why are none of my questions being answered this game now sucks i have 8 chars on 1 server now so why delete when it is possible to keep them here so why not give us the option to transfer all 4 lower chars to another server wasnt me that moved them it was you very unhappy thinking of sacking game altogether
        Last edited by XEXEU; 05-10-2018, 12:56 PM. Reason: do we get account compensation for deleted chars what happens to adena and gems etc


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          when we signed up for pre merge reservation (it said wed be able change our names an character selection once we logged in ) i jus logged in one my new pre registration an was able select my toon i wanted but no option change the name?

          IGN: MALIFICIENTO (pre signed up name)
          dekkan n3 server