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  • (1/24) Update Details Notice

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    Hail, Heroes!

    We are finally unfolding an overview of the long-awaited update!
    Max level expansion, new additional territory, the Fortress and Open Siege’s official season opening, and many other contents will be discovered through the upcoming massive update. Be sure to check the details below.

    1. Max Level Expansion (MAX Lv.180)
    2. New Additional Territory (Giran)
    3. New Additional Field Boss (Stenoa)
    4. Start of the Fortress & Open Siege’s Official Season
    - New additional fortresses (4 in Gludio, 4 in Dion)
    - Fortress Siege improvements
    - Open Siege improvements
    5. Max Inventory Slot Expansion (400 slots)
    6. Addition of Past Reward Claims
    7. Additional Content Improvements
    8. New Additional Items

    1. Max Level Expansion
    The max level will expand from Lv.120 to Lv.180.

    Max Level & Content Expansion Details
    1) Level

    - Lv.120 -> Lv.180
    - There will also be additional main quests with the max level expansion.
    2) Content Expansion
    - The Mastery Token can be acquired in Lv. 180.
    > Lv.120 -> Lv.180
    - The grade when you can craft elixirs will go up.
    > Grade A (Lv.100) -> Grade S (Lv.170)
    - Rune pages will be added.
    > Rune pages 9, 10
    - New achievements will be added.
    2. New Additional Territory
    The territory of Giran will be added which will include higher-leveled monsters and quests.

    New Territory & Content Expansion
    1) New terriotry: Giran

    - Giran Dominion
    - Deathly Fog Shores
    - Devil’s Isle
    - Haunted Necropolis

    2) Content Expansion
    - There will be a new territory at the Elite Dungeon.
    > Ivory Tower Catacomb 1, 2, 3
    > Addition of Elite Dungeon quests at the new territory
    - Addition of main quests at the new territory
    - Addition of monster codex for the Giran territory
    > Addition of summoning stones & boss summoning stones for the new monster cores
    > Changes to rewards for monster codex completions

    ※ Due to the East Talking Island and the West Talking Island not having field bosses, you will acquire 3 Monster Core Random Boxes for 100% monster codex completions.

    - Addition of daily & weekly quests at the new territory
    - Addition of scroll quests at the new territory
    > Scroll Quest levels: Lv.120, Lv.135, Lv.150, Lv.165
    - Addition of Clan Achievements & Clan Hall quests at the new territory
    - Addition of ways to craft items at the Forge for the new territory
    > Addition of ways to craft quest scrolls
    > Addition of ways to craft the Giran Rare Monster Summoning Stone & Giran Boss Summoning Stone

    3. New Additional Field Boss
    The new field boss, Stenoa, will be added to the new territory.

    Information on Stenoa
    1) Location: Giran Dominion
    2) Recommend CP: 573,900

    4. Start of the Fortress & Open Siege’s Official Season
    You can acquire more various rewards and achievements from the start of the Fortress & Open Siege’s official season.

    Additional fortresses
    - There will be a total of 8 new fortresses in Gludio (4 types) & Dion (4 types).

    Fortress Siege improvements
    1) Grades will be given to fortresses according to the territory
    - Grade C: East Talking Island (8 types)
    - Grade B: Gludio (4 types)
    - Grade A: Dion (4 types)
    2) Clan members of a clan that owns a fortress will acquire a daily Treasure Box reward for 7 days. Rewards that can be acquired will improve according to the fortress’ grade.
    - Grade C: East Talking Island Treasure Box
    - Grade B: Gludio Treasure Box
    - Grade A: Dion Treasure Box
    3) The amount of purchasable items at the Conquer Shop will increase according to the fortress’ grade.
    4) Addition of Spot Rewards according to grade level.
    - The Spot Reward is given out according to clans that participate in the Fortress Siege according to grade level with the least rank differences.
    - The Spot Rewards are given out regardless of victories/defeats.

    Open Siege improvements
    1) Sub-missions will be added to the Open Siege.
    - Sub-missions start once you enter the Open Siege. Once completed, quests will be registered automatically.
    - The sub-mission reward will added to the contribution score.
    2) Addition of achievements & rewards for the Open Siege
    - Through the reward from the new achievement, you will acquire a new mount, the Steam Beetle.

    3) The balance of the Open Siege will be adjusted.
    - Character level: Lv. 180 (CP can be adjusted)
    - Defense Tower’s Atk./Def. rate can be adjusted.
    4) Improvements in procedure to the Open Siege
    - Addition of buff effect given to the character that successfully imprints an altar
    > Buff name: Hero of the Altar
    > Effect:

    - Addition of acquiring a buff effect when an altar gets successfully imprinted
    > 1 successfully imprinted altar: 25% increased damage to the Defense Tower
    > 2 successfully imprinted altars: 50% increased damage to the Defense Tower
    ※ P./M. Atk. Increase Effect will remain the same as before.
    - Holy Artifact imprint time will decrease.
    > 20 seconds -> 15 seconds
    - Change in cooldown time for the Open Siege
    > Before: Decrease of 2 seconds in cooldown for every 3 minutes
    > New: Decrease of 2 seconds in cooldown for every 2 minutes and 30 seconds
    - Addition of conditions for victory
    > When neither team imprints a Holy Artifact then the victory is given to the team that takes the most time in attempting to imprint a Holy Artifact.
    > When neither team imprints a Holy Artifact then the draw is given when both teams have the same accumulated time in attempting to imprint a Holy Artifact.
    Ex) Team A: Two attempts (3 seconds each time) in imprinting a Holy Artifact
    Team B: One attempt (5 seconds) in imprinting a Holy Artifact
    ▶ Team A gets the victory!

    5. Max Inventory Slot Expansion
    The max inventory will expand to 400 slots.

    6. Addition of Past Reward Claims
    A new feature will be added where you can collect past daily rewards from contents by spending Adenas (70%) and Diamonds (100%).
    - The feature can be found by [Menu –> Challenges –> Quest –> Reward Count]
    - By spending Adenas to collect a reward, you can acquire 70% of that particular reward.
    - By spending Diamonds to collect a reward, you can acquire 100% of that particular reward.
    > Red Diamonds will be used first. Blue Diamonds will be used if there is an insufficient amount of Red Diamonds.

    7. Other Improvements
    1) Addition of a shortcut button to the Trading Post which will be useful when the Limited Shop is closed
    2) Words for the opening hours for the next Limited Shop will be revised.
    3) Addition of words when combining equipment.
    4) Addition of words in the warning when failing to enhance equipment.
    5) Addition of a button in the main title screen and the patch download screen.
    6) Addition of a link to the maintenance notice when a maintenance message pops up.
    7) Addition of a pop-up with information in guiding towards extra progress when 5 basic scroll quests are completed.
    8) Addition of a button in [Menu -> Settings > Info] where you can directly go to Lineage 2: Revolution’s official facebook page and forum.
    9) Signs that contain text will be revised.
    10) Bugs will be fixed.

    8. Addition of New Items
    ※ New items will be added and preexisting items will have changes in content.
    ※ Google Play Store item prices may change according to currency rates in following country’s market.
    > UK, Israel and Ukraine
    ※ The Loyalty Points reward of Mount Strengthening Box has been changed.
    >10+1 Mount Strengthening Box : 55 Loyalty Points
    >1 Mount Strengthening Box : 5 Loyalty Points

    - Bundles

    - Collector Shop

    Thank you,
    CM Niah

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    Why hasn't Bishop's Divine Link been fixed??? Even in SEA you guys fixed it after it was messed up at the 180 patch release......... you killed Bishop...


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      Can we get the update here or do we have to wait?


      • #4

        Those bundles .... you must be desperate, RIP this game it has been fun till it lasted


        • XaMetalDudeXa
          XaMetalDudeXa commented
          Editing a comment
          I agree with you there.. Stuff on this game is SO expensive!! Dont see how they can do that to people...
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        Been waiting for a chance for fresh start.
        So no new server for East NA ?
        Lots of my men in our group waiting for that.


        • #6

          CM Niah Could we get something in return for not being able to do Open Siege today? Maybe like 100k adena? Im sure that will make some people happy.

          IGN: 1Up2Down
          Cruma 3
          Clan: Blacklisted


          • #7

            Looking forward to all the new things! thanks for the details.
            Cruma03, Evolution


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              I was saving as much of my daily stuff as possible so I could get the experience after the update. I fully expected the update to be available when I got up. When it wasn't I thought I might have to burn up some data to get it at work. It wasn't available at my last break. Finally updated when I got home only to find out you had locked the game out until after the daily reset. So I lose out on most of a days worth of activity.
              So thanks for the heads up about that. Oh wait. You didn't give a heads up. Even with an in game message and mailbox. So basically thanks for nothing today.


              • #9

                And just like that the game went really p2w,, what an idiot Devs, you guy just separated Free to play casuals to P2W , now how do we compete now.. A HEAVY GRINDING GAME WITH P2W bundles what idiots . lol


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                  Netmarble are you kidding with these new clan fortress rewards??? From B grade chest we got 2 defense elexyr's. REALY??? And where is the movement speed buff?


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                      Thank you so much for your time it's my favorite game


                      • #13

                        Getting absolutely no buff for owning an A grade fortress.....

                        Also can you please, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET RID OF the Erica Tutorial guide. Holy crap it's so annoying getting this stupid tutorial popup 10-15 times a day with no option to turn it off. COME ON, you guys KNOW people hate it in other versions. You put a dag gone option to disable it in all other versions after the "amazing discovery" that EVERYONE HATES the damn guide. Stop pretending/messing with the North American version and start improving things properly for once.


                        • #14

                          How do I get update