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  • Sprout Event Notice

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    Greetings, Heroes of Aden!

    Collect sprouts from the Extraction Pit, Elite Dungeons, the Monster Dungeon, and Field Bosses to exchange them for various rewards during the event!
    Check out the details below!

    Event Period
    - 5/2 1:00 am - 5/23 1:00 am (PDT)
    - 5/2 4:00 am - 5/23 4:00 am (EDT)
    - 5/2 8:00 am - 5/23 8:00 am (GMT)
    - 5/2 6:00 pm - 5/23 6:00 pm (AEST)

    How to Acquire Sprouts
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    Available Exchange Rewards
    *Exchanged rewards are delivered directly to your Inventory.
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    How to Exchange for Rewards
    1. Select the Sprout Event Tab from [Menu - Event - Event] to exchange sprouts.
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    Thank you,
    CM Niah

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    Hi CM Niha, Please tell me that these drop form Dragons crater as well now that you let us keep it for a week?


    • #3

      What is "Monster Dungeon"?


      • Sepy
        Sepy commented
        Editing a comment
        Summoner stones. When u click on Dungeon you will see Monster Dungeon
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      When no reason to go extraction or kill field bosses
      Ken Rauhel 03
      JudgementDay Leader


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        These are not dropping from any Evil of Blood Npc's, they do drop inside summoning stones, but at a terrible rate, 11 sprouts from 1 stone.


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          Really nice event shame they dont drop from evil of blood like they should..


          • #7

            Fix drop from the evil of blood monsters! They dont drop at all.


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              Sprouts drop from IT3 mobs, but not DC


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                Originally posted by Dubious View Post
                Sprouts drop from IT3 mobs, but not DC
                no they don't.


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                  They drop to me


                  • #11

                    No drop for me too in Elite Dungeon. Any fix is coming soon ?


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                      Evil of Blood monster don't drop sprouts, been there 10 hours today, not 1 sprout. Obviously you haven't even tested the drop before you released the update


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                        You need to add DC and TDC to this event. ITC is way to full. Thank you!


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                          IT3 is never full anymore, but DC has 13+ channels, all full


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                            14hrs on evil bloods and not 1 sprout, please update