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  • Give us the same content as SEA version!!

    Give us the same updates/content the SEA version has been given! This is getting really old. It's time we start making our voices heard or they will never change anything. We are being charged more for less and it's time this ends!
    Rare 0.68p for Rare Armor Selection box. Blessed scroll bundle box. That's 10x Blessed Armor, 10x Blessed Weapon, 10x Blessed Accessory Blessed scroll bundles. Cheaper and better than our bundle.
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    More settings SEA has had for ages yet for some reason they withhold from us.


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      attack settings - why dont we have them already?
      war rules - 7 daysl long war with STATS
      world boss - isnt it about time we get Guilottine?


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        Yea even the level up in sea servers are much easier , and the bundels are cheaper & more useful.


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          Maybe its easier to milk us for money - why reduce pricing if everyone spends anyway Yes our prices are outrageous and not sensible at all


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            It was a bit slow but they gave us some of those SEA options this patch, which was awesome. I hope they implement more of the same content for the upcoming patches.


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              Netmarble does not care about you or how much money you hand them. They won't even hire a Dev or mod team for their Canadian customer. They won't even merge their dying servers.. it's been months